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Thank you for your interest in employment with Friends of the Children. We have a strong commitment to provide a workplace free of alcohol and illegal drugs. It is our intention to provide a healthy and safe workplace for all of our employees as well as maintaining an environment conducive to excellent service to our many constituencies: children, their families, coworkers, community partners, donors and vendors. In keeping with this commitment, we have a policy prohibiting illegal drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

A condition of employment with Friends of the Children is successful completion of drug testing performed on samples of urine provided by the candidate. These samples are tested for the presence of drugs that may be illegal or adversely affect job performance.

Please read and sign the consent section below. Only completed applications, including the signed consent forms, will be considered for employment. Your signature below signifies your consent to provide necessary samples at a designated facility, consent to have such samples tested for the presence of drugs, and authorizes the release of test results to the designated representative for its sole use in evaluating you for employment.

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I certify that all information provided on this application and all attachments is true and complete. I understand that any offer of employment will be contingent upon my submitting to and successfully passing a drug test, reference checks and a criminal background check. I release Friends of the Children and the testing laboratory from any and all liability and claims incident to such sample collection, testing and use of test results associated with my drug test. I consent to and authorize Friends of the Children to request any information concerning my current and/or previous employment and educational history and release all parties and persons connected with any request for information from all claims, liabilities and damages for whatever reason arising out of furnishing such information. If I am employed, I understand that if anything proves contrary to what I have stated or any material information is omitted on this Application for Employment, my employment will be terminated. I understand that if hired, I will be required to produce documents on my first day of employment that verify my identity and legal authorization to work in the United States. I understand that my employment with the organization is not for a specified term, and that my employment or compensation may be terminated at any time be either myself or the organization, with or without cause or notice.

Friends of the Children is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, religion or veteran status.

You must agree to the disclosure statement provided in order for us to accept your application.

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Basic Function:   

The Education Assessment Program Manager is responsible for supervising, guiding and supporting the Friends under their direction.  The Education Assessment Program Manager is a role model and mentor for Friends, acts as a team facilitator and organizational motivator, and facilitates effective communication in all directions.   An Education Assessment Program Manager must know, understand, honor and support the organization’s mission, vision, values and principles, be able to clearly articulate the organization’s function, and must have a demonstrated desire to participate in the management of the organization. 

Core Program Manager Job Accountabilities:

  • Develop and sustain an Education Assessment Plan and process for all youth in the program.
  • Assess all youth at different grade points for academic progress and identify youth who need support in meeting milestones and advancing.
  • Develop partnerships with all school districts to obtain information on students to create plans to support them.
  • Conduct quarterly attendance and grade checks for youth at different grade levels and create engagement plans to support youth in meeting academic goals.
  • Create partnerships with academic support programs to create strong collaborations for youth and families to receive academic assistance.
  • Create a strong partnership with a Ninth Grade Counts provider and ensure completion of this program by all incoming ninth graders in our program.
  • Strengthen our tutoring program and recruit volunteers in collaboration with the Volunteer Manager to support youth with consistent tutoring.
  • Supervise a team of Education Assessment Specialty Friends.
  • Develop and sustain honest and trusting relationships with colleagues, and inspire and motivate team members.  Serve as a role model both for effective Friend/child relationships and as a professional. Act as a resource for Friends by providing support, guidance, direction and resourceful solutions to concerns and challenges.
  • Ensure compliance with and accountability to the organization’s policies, procedures, and practices as outlined in the Employee Manual and Friends Handbook.  Contribute to the development of any of these as required.  Demonstrate support of organizational decisions in a constructive and effective manner.
  • Responsible for managing the performance of Friends on team, including completing and conducting annual and semi-annual performance appraisals.  Hold Friends accountable for work performance: adequacy of time spent with children, quality, intentionality and diversity of activities with children, and administrative responsibilities.  Have continuing performance discussions to provide feedback and to ensure that goals and objectives are being fulfilled.  Provide continuous constructive feedback and coaching as necessary, and work with HR and the Program Leadership Team to resolve issues as needed.  Manage any required performance improvement activities. 
  • Know and understand the needs and issues of each child served by Friends on assigned team.  Meet with each team member one-on-one each month, and review Roadmaps and Transition Plans for each child on a monthly basis.  Develop knowledge of academic performance for each child, and assist in setting realistic goals for the children. Assure that each Friend has helped develop a specific area of interest or talent for each child.
  • Interact with each child on your team at least twice a year by going out with the child and their respective Friend, or by observing Friends with their children during activities or outings.  Provide constructive feedback to the Friend on an ongoing basis.
  • Lead and facilitate effective Team Meetings ensuring focus on child and Friend successes, setbacks, issues, concerns and ideas.  Create a safe and comfortable team environment so Friends feel supported and open to discuss child and work issues.  Also must ensure focus on the communication of organizational information or issues to team, and to solicit feedback from team.
  • Actively participate on the PLT and provide insight, input and solutions to programmatic and organizational issues and challenges.  Facilitate or lead PLT meetings as required.
  • Communicate effectively and appropriately in all directions regarding organizational issues, concerns, policies and procedures.  Raise and resolve issues appropriately.  Advocate for Friends, representing the best interests of your team and children, doing so in an appropriate and timely manner. Understand, implement and support organizational policies and procedures.
  • Solicit and obtain feedback from a minimum of two parents of children on your team per month.  Document and maintain all feedback, and include in Quarterly report.
  • Work with Program Leadership Team to define and coordinate monthly Friends trainings.  Carry out all associated responsibilities as assigned.
  • Assist with research, develop and implementation of best practice programming to serve current and future needs of the organization as required.
  • Participate in recruiting, hiring and training of Friends as requested, including: interview candidates, attend career fairs, organize and/or present training sessions, attend educational seminars. 
  • Effectively cultivate and nurture external relationships: develop trusting, supportive relationships with families and guardians of the children on your team, and build relationships with our partner schools to allow for effective program implementation and sustainability.
  • Understand and support the organization’s mission, vision, values and principles and be able to clearly articulate the organization’s function.
  • Other projects or tasks as considered necessary.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, including the demonstrated ability to resolve conflict, and help others do the same;
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills; organizational and time management, delegation and follow-up skills.
  • Effective, appropriate and professional supervisory and leadership skills and behaviors;
  • Demonstrated ability to influence the behavior of others to achieve necessary results;
  • In depth understanding of the role of a Friend, as well as of the issues faced by our Program children.
  • Ability to relate to peers, subordinates, and other members of the management team, and to develop and sustain trusting, supportive relationships with them;
  • Ability to use creativity and initiative in guiding others to plan activities that continually develop children;
  • Ability to work as a team player, as well as the ability to lead a team;
  • Ability to manage several concurrent issues and solve problems effectively exercising appropriate discretion and judgment, and ability to manage others in doing the same;
  • Demonstrated ability to exercise excellent judgment related to maintaining confidentiality and communicating appropriately within the workplace, and to hold others accountable for the same;
  • Ability to assist others in setting goals and developing plans to meet those goals to ensure the development of each child;
  • Ability to hold others accountable in all aspects of required performance, including completing administrative tasks accurately and on time;
  • Ability to cultivate relationships with children, families, school personnel, organizational supporters and community partners;
  • Proficient computer and keyboarding skills, proficiency with e-mail systems, familiarity with MS Outlook and Access (or other database applications);
  • Ability to exercise good judgment independently, in various situations and environments, and under varying levels of stress, and to develop others to do the same.

Additional Responsibilities:

Essential Skills and Abilities:

Composition of Work: 

Position is comprised of time committed to the Education Assessment role and the Program Manager role supporting the work of Friends.  Time spent in each role will vary with specific circumstances on a week-to-week basis.

Education and Experience Required:

Minimum of Bachelor’s degree strongly preferred, plus five to seven years of experience working/volunteering with children and supporting them with academic progress.  Experience navigating Education systems, Individual Education Plans (IEP) and working with youth and families to identify goals and creating plans strongly preferred.  Previous supervisory experience desirable.

Starting Salary $41,672 - $51,143

Location: Portland, OR
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